Danu : Joko, you can see? Thats pras and iman.

Joko  : yes, hi friends!

Pras  : hi you guy.

Danu : you remember when study tour last week?

Pras  : yes i remember, why?

Iman : yeah. I first time go to Yokyakarta. Great city.

Joko  : you right. People out there very fiendly. What do you think pras?

Pras  : i think that a wonderful place.

Danu : but i was bore there.

Joko  : why?

Danu : i was there for one year to three time.

Pras  : for what you get there?

Iman : to visit danu is grandmother pras, oh come on.

Pras  : i didnt ask you! You are so irritating.

Danu : but im happy to go jogja with all of you guys.

Iman : yes me too.

Pras  : i want to go there again.

Joko  : yes me too.

Danu : alright! Now i want to sleep. See you guys.

All     : okey, bye.

By andrianhermawan

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