Nico  : okay, so are we ready to go?

Dana : hm, i think yes.

Dika  : no, mike is still not here.

Dani  : look, there he is.

Joko  : slow poke.

Mike  : sorry bad traffic.

Dana : what? It is not like the fisrt time you are late.

Dika  : i bet you just forget about our touring.

Nico  : dani, you must forgot to remind him!

Dani  : yeah, i lost his cantact. Sorry.

Joko  : ehm guys sorry, i forget about our camera.

Dana : well, it cant help since we are already this late.

Mike  : i feel guilty how because im late.

Dani  : easy, not everything was your fault.

Dika  : yeah, as you can see dana also forget about his bag.

Dana : no way, damn. I left it at school.

Nico  : let is just call it a day this is too much.

Mike  : nice, like this.

Joko  : haah, spam.

All     : (laugh)

By andrianhermawan

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