Yana and his companions are teenagers who are very concerned with the health condition of the environment. One day, Yana and friends gather in a place and they discuss about the behavior of people who do not have a love of the health of the environment by removing rubbish as they please without regard to environmental damage.

Seeing this condition, Yana and her friends were very worried that one day the village would be problematic due to the behavior of rural residents who do not pay attention to hygiene.

Scripts dialog drama

If people do not have awareness and taking out the trash is not in place, then it looks like pretty soon we are going to the village was flooded.

Yes, it’s true. Should the people have the awareness that it is very important to maintain the cleanliness of the village so there are no harmful things.

It is difficult to be aware of the citizens. You know that the residents in our village is quite primitive and the mindset is still very alarming.

Yes, that was the condition. If only they are sensitive to their environment, they are certainly not going to litter.

Then, what do you think there is the best solution to address this condition? What should we do to make our village residents are more concerned with the health of the environment?

Anyway, you do not need to be too concerned with the environment. However we will not be able to make this village clean, because people are difficult to set.

You need to be thinking like that. However we have a responsibility to maintain the cleanliness in our village and for that we must be willing to sweat a little bit, either by making people conscious, put up signs, or in other ways.

I agree with your ideas. Should we begin to build awareness of the people to this problem does not continue.

I also very much agree, but the problem is where we should start? Do we have to give sanction to residents who do not comply with the rules?

In my opinion, we should make the agenda of such a meeting or dialogue together, then we would tell the citizens bahwasannya they should be concerned with the health of the environment, and do not throw garbage at will.

Good, I agree with the idea. Should we invite people to come together, and we love a little insight about the importance of keeping the environment clean.

Okay, then do you think when the time is right for us would be to schedule an appointment?

If possible, I think should be soon. But, usahbakal schedule meetings when they are no vacant time so that all are invited to attend.

Yeah, I totally agree. Should we make the agenda of the meeting as soon as possible and we will arrange any events that will be discussed at the meeting.

Okay, tonight I will meet the village chief to notify the agenda before us and after that I will let you know guys.

Yana’s friends:
Okey, we will be waiting to hear from you. If you’ve met with the village head, please let us know as soon as possible.

By andrianhermawan

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