Public speaker :

Good afternoon ladies and gentelmen! Today we will started our meeting. For the first i want to introduce our people in the meeting. For the first i want to introduce our people in the meeting he is Mr. Harmaditya as manager he is Mr. Andrian as ordinary employee he is Mr. Dondy as manager he is Mr. Wira as other company and me as public speaker and other company

CEO : what a topic on the meeting today?

Manager : we will discuss the manufacture of new product to increase profit.

CEO : who have the idea in the planning of new product.

OE : i had the idea what if we make a smart tv 3d? Manager : oke how about the specification in this products?

OE : on the smart tv 3d you can combine a tv, internet, telephone multimedia, and games in to a single device. This product have specification and interesting feature with a latest of technology such as 55 inch wide screen, cinema screen design, ultra high definition resolution, magic remote with voice and motion control, eco sensor, quad core processor, operating system android l, support hdmi and usb port dan wifi built in.

CEO : what account apartemen said about this product consep that was explain and how much a expensive?

Accounting : for product price ten million rupiah/unit, for you need for sale price twelve million rupiah/unit we will produce fivty unit for the first quarter, and if the market act good reaction. We wil produce more

CEO : Whose the market?

Manager : for by price maybe we will sell to the middle class.

CEO : what do you think Mr. Wira about this product? Do you interested.

OC : oh ofcorse!  Because the innovation from your product was interested. In your expense isn’t to high and a good prospects for the future how with a profit? Will give you 30% and 70% to our company. Do you agree?

OC : No! It is not fair.

CEO : Ok, how about 60:40

OC : Hmm… ok! I agree about that.

PS : Thank you for your attention and i hope for this new product was be nice. Thank you and good afternoon.

By andrianhermawan

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