Benefits of the english

To communicated and interact with global society. English is one of the kind international language who commonly used and as the most popular language in the world. English used daily by hundreds of millions of the world is population. We have interact with global society to increase our insight about all things in the world.

Another benefit of learning english is related with technology. There are many tekhnologies using the english as the main language like smartphone, computer and internet. The producers choose english as the main language in their products because english is global language who popularly used by global society. If we can speak english then we can easily operate and utilize these products to the maximum.

Useful for education. One of the keys to success is govern of knowledge. Many teacher requires student to have english book to familiarize students to use english. If we can understand english then more and more sources of reading who can be used as source to increase knowledge. Therefor, increasing govern of knowledge is the thing to do.

Appreciated in the world of work. In the era of globalization, the world of work is growing in expanding cooperation among countries then the role of english is needed. World of work provide high value to someone who can understand english. Many companies are looking for worker not only seen from a special expertise in appropriate profession but also workers who govern english so that the company can expand relations of cooperation and developing companies.

By andrianhermawan

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