1. We should be studied about mathematics such as simple arithmetik necessary that we have to interest rates on bank account and loans. So that we will be able to keep track of our finances and then we will not be bankrupt and poor.

Mathematics is also be required that we have to measure and calculate numbers when we cook such as mathematical fungtions like fractions or multiplication that we have to cut amounts in half or to double amounts for cooking. So that we being able to figure out the sums for cooking appropriate to the number of people are coming.

2. The electric street car was popular in the united state after 1880 when an engginer invented a cable that could run from wire overhead to a street car’s electric enggine. Because it was’nt necessary to have a dangerous electric rail running a long the street at ground level.

From 1880 on wards, the electric streetcar was popular in the USA. It was not polluting, very efficient, carrying large numbers of passengers and profitable for the companies, therfore automobile manufacturs and other business interest to get rid of all the streetcar in the big cities and replace them with buses and cars.

By andrianhermawan

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